Howto : Create ZFS Striped Vdev ZPool

A ZFS Striped Vdev pool is very similar to RAID0. You get to keep all of the available storage that your drives offer, but you have no resiliency to hard drive failure. If one drive in a Striped Vdev Zpool fails you will lose all of your data. You do still have checksum data to prevent silent data loss, but any physical failure of a drive will result in data loss. We strongly recommend never using this level of ZFS, as there is no resiliency to drive failure.

To create a Striped Vdev Zpool first run the format command to find the disks that you have in your system.

Format Command

Once you have run the format command, you should have a list of disks that you can select for your Zpool. Select the ones that you would like to use (we’ll use c4t5d0-c4t8d0) and issue this command :

zpool create tank c4t5d0 c4t6d0 c4t7d0 c4t8d0

Once you issue that command, it should build the zpool. Run the “zpool status” command to make sure it was created as expected.

Create Stripe Image

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 RAID, ZFS

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