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We’ve gotten loads of positive feedback from our Blog and from our Anandtech article over the last year. ┬áSince we last posted, we’ve found quite a few things that we want to share with everyone about our first build. ┬áKeep an eye here for updates and musings about what we have found over the last year, and what we plan on doing next!

Monday, November 7th, 2011 Configuration

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  • vRico says:

    Great news! I thought you guys forgot about this site. I am looking forward to hearing about your new updates.

  • StaringSkyward says:

    I’ve been reading your site with interest. What isn’t clear is if you managed to get your blades connected to your storage server over infiniband? You said you were having problems with it and you fixed the subnet manager issue but is your setup actually working now with infiniband? Are you on Nexenta now too?

    Thanks and keep it coming. It’s interesting!

  • While we have moved production workload to the system, we did not get Infiniband working properly before we moved to it.

    We believe that we have sorted out some of the problems, and we will be testing our hypothosis on a new build in the next few months. At this point we do not want to break a procudtion GbE iSCSI implimentation.

    Look for updates to the site here in the next few weeks/months talking about the new build.

  • innerloopit says:

    How did you connect the SSDs for the OS, L2ARC and ZIL for the Nexenta set up? Was it via MB SATA ports or SAS to SATA fan out cable connected to JBOD card?


  • The OS drives are connected to the motherboard SATA ports, the L2ARC and the ZIL devices are all connected via the same backplane connection that the 1TB NL-SAS drives use.

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