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First and foremost, welcome back to ZFSBuild.  We’ve missed you, and we hope you’ve missed us.  Over the last year we’ve found out numerous things about this blog, our readers, and ZFS.  Unfortunately the rigors of day to day operations have prevented us from blogging more.  We aim to rectify that, so thanks for sticking with us.  It’s been a while, and we’ve got a lot of new information to share with you.  Hopefully we can put it together in a format that you can follow.  If not, let us know in the comments!  Now, let’s get this party started.

What have we learned in the last year?  We found out we have a lot of people that have read this blog.  With hundreds of comments, and as many (or more) emails that have come in over the last year, there are certainly a lot of people that have checked out the site.  This makes us happy.  Not only because we’ve got big giant ego’s that love to be stroked, but that people are interested in ZFS and Nexenta.  With that, we’d like to say Thank You.  Without you we would just be talking to ourselves, and that’s just creepy.

We also found that we like evangelizing for Nexenta. It’s not because we get paid by them (Nexenta, if you’re reading….hint hint) but because they put out a great product that puts a great SAN within the reach of small businesses like ours.  Most businesses can’t afford to spend fifty thousand dollars on EMC or NetApp gear just to get started.  Most of them can’t spend ten thousand.  ZFS, Nexenta, and Open Source software puts a robust SAN/NAS into the hands of small businesses that need it the most.  Just because you can’t afford a fifty thousand dollar SAN doesn’t mean that your data is any less important than the MegaCorp down the street.  Nexenta and ZFS allows you to get into the game for a fraction of the cost, all while giving you features that the big boys try very hard to compete with.

Another thing that many people that manage enterprise storage may not know is that ZFS is becoming more popular.  I had the opportunity to attend the Open Storage Summit this year, which was hosted by Nexenta.  One word, Amazing!  Nexenta knew how to put on a show, and they knew what people were interested in.  There wasn’t one keynote or breakout session that was boring.  I also expected it to be quite a bit smaller.  I think the final tally was somewhere between 400 and 500 registered attendees.  They ran the gamut from government employees to VMWare nerds to hosting providers.  It seemed like all sectors were pretty well represented, and everyone was excited about ZFS, Open Storage, and Nexenta.  More about the Open Storage Summit later.

That about wraps it up for now.  Next time I’ll get in to some of the technical things that we’ve learned over the last year with our build, zfs, and Nexenta.

Friday, November 11th, 2011 ZFS

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  • vRico says:

    Welcome back. Looks like my entry into the NexentaStore Community Edition was a good choice.

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