OpenStorage Summit 2012 Cancellation

Just got a note in my inbox that Nexenta has “Important” news.  They’ve cancelled the OpenStorage Summit in San Jose, and they’ve refunded my registration fee.  Great.  Just what I wanted.  I absolutely did not want to go to San Jose, meet and greet with Nexenta employees and users, and network with said people.  I also didn’t want to get out of Iowa for a few days and enjoy the weather in San Jose.  What I _am_ looking forward to is cancelling both my hotel reservation and my airfare.  I’m betting the airfare probably doesn’t get refunded.  Class act guys.  It would have been really nice if you would have decided this a month ago when you opened registration.  I wonder how many other people are holding the bag on airfare and room reservations.  I would have to think that Nexenta had the forethought to check with the hotel and see how many rooms had been reserved, but maybe not.  Maybe they expected everyone to book their rooms at the last minute, along with their airfare, because that’s what most conference attendees do.

Nexenta – you can go ahead and assume I won’t be registering for the virtual open storage summit.  Also go ahead and assume that I’m probably not interested in coming next year  either, because who knows how much notice I’ll get that you’ve cancelled that one too.

Thursday, September 13th, 2012 Hardware

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  • wgroth2 says:

    Technically, we have not cancelled it, we’re going virtual. I understand this inconvenienced you. Email me and we can discuss making you whole.

  • Bill, while technically you have not cancelled the OpenStorage Summit, a virtual OpenStorage Summit is little more than a webex session to me.

    The experience that I had last year at the OpenStorage Summit was fantastic. I met people doing things that I never expected to meet (Braden Del More, the group from Alaska that was doing one to many replication for remote fileservers over 128k satellite links, many others) and had conversations that would have never facilitated themselves in a “virtual” conference.

    I sat with Rick Hayes (VP of Technical Operations) for 45 minutes and talked about the OpEx/CapEx benefits of running Nexenta vs buying from EMC or NetApp. I talked with Christopher George of DDRDrive at length about his product and how to leverage that. Multiple conversations with SuperMicro, STEC, and OCZ representatives that I’d never get the opportunity to talk to through normal channels. Meeting the support staff that I had worked with on so many occasions, and being able to put a name with a face. Those were the experiences that made OpenStorage Summit great.

    Those are the things that I think Nexenta customers and community members look forward to. The presentations and keynotes were great, but it was the personal interaction that a physical conference allowed for that really sold me on the Nexenta community. I will sorely miss that interaction this year. I hope that next year fares better.

  • Ahh, everyone remembers the Alaska Guys. Maybe I should lay a little lower next time 😉

  • Hey, you guys were awesome. Sorry I couldn’t recall your names, but your story was pretty darn compelling and really stuck with me. I just can’t forsee the virtual conference getting as much interaction between people.

  • Brad says:

    I agree that there is a lot of value in the face-to-face conference format. Nexenta China will be hosting an OpenStorage Summit in Beijing on January 18th. Look for more information in the coming weeks.

    [talks will have English or Mandarin translators]

    Hope to see all of you there!

  • wgroth2 says:

    For the record, Nexenta agreed to make Matt whole by reimbursing the change fee for the ticket so that neither he nor his company were monetarily impacted. I wrote the check from my personal account. We’re sorry that this happened, but as I wrote on 9/13, we said we’d make Matt whole, and we did.

  • Thank you for the assistance in resolving this matter Bill. While I am still disappointed that there will not be a physical Open Storage Summit this year, I applaud your efforts for making me and my company whole.

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