ZFSBuild2012 – More testing tidbits

So – just a quick update – we got Infiniband SRP (SCSI RDMA Protocol) working from our Windows system to our Nexenta system.  Here’s a screengrab from IOMeter beating the crap out of our 20Gbit Infiniband network.  This is a 16k, random read workload.  Obviously it’s all fitting in to RAM, but compared to iSCSI w/ IPoIB, there’s no contest.  iSCSI/IPoIB manages about 400MB/sec, and 27,000 IOPS.  This should be very exciting to see this as a possibility moving forward.



Thursday, October 11th, 2012 Benchmarks, InfiniBand

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  • jwc says:

    It seems that Mellanox has removed support for SRP. How does one go about getting SRP to work with Windows now?

  • That’s actually a good question – You can still use the OpenFabrics installers that do still support SRP. You can find them here : https://www.openfabrics.org/ofed-for-linux-ofed-for-windows/windows-installer.html

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