ZFSBuild2012 – Friday Afternoon Action Shot

We are still running benchmarks.  We decided to share a Friday afternoon action shot of the server mounted in the rack.

ZFSBuild2012 Friday Afternoon Action Shot

Friday, October 19th, 2012 Hardware

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  • MrVining says:

    Thank you so much for this site/blog it has been very helpful.

    I still don’t quite understand the function of a ZIL device(s). Is it basically a write cache? (I understand that the term cache device is used for storage of commonly read data, but I didn’t know another way of asking).

    I’m going to be building a storage server that needs to be able to write 6-10x 5-8GB files at once, each hour, for 3-4 hours. I’ll be using 7200 SATA drives and would love to use RAIDZ but I’m worried if I’m writing all those large files at once that there will be a lot of seeking that will degrade my performance…

    Any insight would be much appreciated.

  • The ZIL is for synchronous writes. It is essentially a write cache, but only for a certain type of write.

    Depending upon the workload, if the files are streaming writes, and you are not doing much (if any) reading, a 7200RPM RAIDZ setup would probably work ok. If it’s a random write pattern and you are doing any reading, you’re going to probably want to look at Mirrored/Striped configuration at a minimum, possibly moving up to faster disks.

  • schism says:

    I have OpenIndiana installed on my NAS and I have an NFS client writing some logs to the OpenIndiana storage server.

    If I do a tail -f from the Linux NFS client doing the writing to one of the logs files on the OI NAS, it works fine. If I stop that and do it (tail -f) *from* OI itself, it does not update every second. It just sits there. If I then leave that tail going then go back to the Linux machine and run the tail, then both work and I start getting output consistently from OI itself like expected. Soon as I stop the tail on the Linux machine, the OI tail also stops.

    Why is it behaving like this?

  • schism says:

    It seems that the tail -f from OI itself updates every 30 seconds.

    (Unless of course I also fire up a tail from the NFS client itself then it updates every 1 second).

  • emailua says:

    Thank you for a very interesting blog.
    Could you please advise best ZFS configuration for such hardware:
    Chassis – Supermicro 24×3.5 SAS\SATA
    Storage Disks – 24x SAS 15k 600Gb
    System Disks -2xSAS10k 300Gb
    RAM 32 Gb
    OS – Nexentastor

    I’m thinking about two possible configurations
    First – 5xRAID10, 4xHDD for a hotspares
    Second – 10xmirror, 2xHDD for a hotspares.
    How do you think which configuration will be more good for huge load?
    This storage will be used for virtualization (large testlab, about 70 VM’s)

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