HowTo : Create Striped Mirror Vdev ZPool

A Striped Mirrored Vdev Zpool is very similar to RAID10. It does have the additional feature of having checksuming to prevent silent data corruption, but essentially it is the same as RAID10. It allows you to have great random read and random write performance, but it does decrease your available disk space to 50% of the physical capacity of your drives. Every time we have set up RAID for workloads though, we have found that the additional available IOPS for random writes far offsets the penalty of losing half of your disk space.

To create a Striped Mirrored Vdev Zpool first, run the format command to find the disks that you have in your system.

Format Command

Once you have run the format command, you should have a list of disks that you can select for your Zpool. Select the ones that you would like to use (we’ll use c4t5d0 and c4t6d0) and issue this command :

zpool create tank mirror c4t5d0 c4t6d0

Once you issue that command, it should build the zpool.

Once you have created a Mirrored Vdev pool, issue the following command :

zpool add tank mirror c4t7d0 c4t8d0

Once you issue that command, it should add a mirror group to the zpool. Run the “zpool status” command to make sure it was updated as expected.

Create Striped Mirror

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 RAID, ZFS

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