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OpenIndiana Benchmarks

After Oracle decided to change the course of OpenSolaris (forum thread), the open source community reacted by forking the code base through a new project called Illumos. The first downloadable ISO from the Illumos project is OpenIndiana.

OpenIndiana is based on OpenSolaris b147. It is important to take a minute and look at build numbers of popular milestones within the OpenSolaris development process. Here are some major ones.
OpenSolaris 2008.11: b101
OpenSolaris 2009.06: b111
OpenSolaris 2010.03: b134
OpenSolaris b147 forks to create OpenIndiana b147

The b134 (2010.03) release was held back and never released as an official OpenSolaris release. If you go to the OpenSolaris site, the most recent official ISO is 2009.06. We have been using b134 in all of our tests anyway, because b134 has measurably better iSCSI performance than 2009.06 (b111). Additionally, the NexentaStor and Nexenta Core Platform distributions we benchmarked were both originally based on OpenSolaris b134.

OpenIndiana is built on OpenSolaris b147, which means it has a number of bug fixes since b134 and even more bug fixes since b111 (2009.06). At this point, you can think of OpenIndiana as the latest and greatest OpenSolaris code with OpenIndiana logos added to it. At this point, OpenIndiana is not significantly different from OpenSolaris b147 in any specific technical way.

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Monday, October 11th, 2010 Benchmarks 14 Comments

Nexenta Core Platform Benchmarks

In our benchmarks between OpenSolaris b134, NexentaStor Enterprise, and a Promise VTrack M610i box, we found that OpenSolaris consistently outperformed NexentaStor. We were never really quite sure why, since NexentaStor is based on Nexenta Core Platform and Nexenta Core Platform was based on OpenSolaris b134. We expected NexentaStor to match the performance of OpenSolaris, but it simply did not.

One theory we had for the performance difference was that the web GUI in NexentaStor used enough system memory that NexentaStor had significantly less ARC cache available and was therefore at a performance disadvantage to OpenSolaris. This got us curious about how Nexenta Core Platform would perform relative to OpenSolaris and NexentaStor.

We decided to benchmark Nexenta Core Platform using the same hardware and benchmarks that we have used for all of the previous benchmark runs. The results exceeded our expectations.
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Saturday, October 9th, 2010 Benchmarks 6 Comments