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FCoE and Intel X520’s

We’ve got a newfound lab to play with, and it’s a monster.  Suffice to say there is going to be a lot of information coming out about this system in the next few weeks.  One of the more interesting things that we’re trying with it is software FCoE.  Obviously for the best performance, you’re going to want to use a hardware FCoE CNA (Converged Network Adapter).  For testing purposes though, Intel X520 10GbE network cards seem to work just fine.  Just wanted to throw this out there if anyone wanted/needed to play with FCoE

Here’s the steps to getting FCoE up and running on Intel X520 nic’s (this is being done on NexentaStor Enterprise, 3.1.3 – officially unsupported) This should work on OpenIndiana also.

1. Install 10GBE Cards and connect them.
2. Configure interfaces – set MTU to 9000 (this is important) – test traffic with ping –s 9000 and iperf
3. Unconfigure network interfaces

setup network interface ixgbe0 unconfigure

4. Create FCoE Target – on iscsi target machine
fcadm create-fcoe-port -t -f ixgbe0 (-f enables Promiscuous Mode: On)

5. Create FCoE Initiator – on iscsi initiator machine
fcadm create-fcoe-port -i -f ixgbe0

6. Check state
stmfadm list-state

7. List targets
stmfadm list-target

8. Online your targets
stmfadm online-target

9. Create volume on target side
a. Setup volume create data

10. Create zvol on target side
setup zvol create data/test

11. Share zvol over iscsi
setup zvol data/test share

12. Make sure lun shows up
a. Show lun


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