Project Goals

Welcome to our ZFS Build website.

ZFS Server

The goal of this website is to carefully document our process of building a SAN/NAS device using OpenSolaris and ZFS.

We host a lot of websites and need a lot of fast storage for those websites and our Cloud Infrastructure. We currently run a lot of individual iSCSI devices over Gigabit Ethernet.

Our Current Datacenter location and configuration :
WebHostingUmbrella Datacenter

We want to consolidate those individual iSCSI devices in to a centralized unit that is comprised of Hybrid storage (SSD+HDD) that is expandable to support a large amount of drives with redundant connections to our Cloud Infrastructure. We are also moving from our current Gigabit networking to InfiniBand for increased bandwidth and decreased latency. Eventually this solution will encompass real-time data replication to a remote datacenter for global failover.

Through this process we have done a lot of research, and have found that while a lot of people have done these types of things, they are typically very tight-lipped about what works, what doesn’t, and generally how to duplicate their results and build.

We want to build a site that is comprehensive enough that anyone could take our build, duplicate it, and get the same results.

We hope you find this site useful – any comments are appreciated.